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The Malaysian High court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes. Within a year two Malaysian planes are taken out

I wonder what would have occurred if a British passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine and the Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia? I think it’s pretty safe to say the British people would have done their absolute nut! So how do you think the Malaysian and Dutch people felt when the Black Boxes of flight MH17 were sent to London, especially since David Cameron has made sure the critical data that would conclusively prove who really shot the plane down remained hidden from public gaze? What’s more – with the Zionist controlled media once again accusing Putin of this heinous act, why doesn’t the media pressure Cameron into releasing the data from the Black Boxes? Not one word has been said about this so I’m going to flat out say why.


OUR PRIME MINISTER IS COMPLICIT IN THE DEATH OF 298 PEOPLE ON FLIGHT MH17 BECAUSE HE IS DELIBERATELY WITHHOLDING INFORMATION THAT WOULD GO A LONG WAY INTO DISCOVERING WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE! SINCE THE MEDIA IS APPLYING ZERO PRESSURE ON CAMERON THEY ARE COMPLICIT TOO! Of course there is a reason why all this is occurring – there always is but if the media never mention it, most people struggle to put 2 and 2 together. Indeed the big giveaway is why the Black Boxes were sent to London and not Kuala Lumper or the Hague. If they were sent to where they should have been – WE WOULD DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

So who has the power to do this? Well, another big giveaway, that is if one is capable of putting 2 and 2 together is who owns and controls the media? The Zionists. Now, would the Zionists have any reason to protect the Outer Mongolians?….. I don’t think so! The Mexicans?….. Hmmn maybe the odd drug cartel but ….. No! The Russians? Definitely not! Would they perhaps be trying to protect……. the Zionists…….. BING! Oh dear. We are now getting close to the truth! So are there any clues that link this mysterious plane crash to Zionists. Okay, make your own mind up –

1) The Malaysian High court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes. Within a year two Malaysian planes are taken out! Two planes from the same airline going down in a year?…… The odds are astronomical yet what puts the icing on the cake is the fact that with both flights, air crash investigators are yet to get their mitts on the Black Boxes. The odds of that are….. I don’t know….. try winning the lottery 3 times on the trot!

2) A few months before flight MH17 went down, Holland withdrew it’s investments from 5 Israeli banks due to the continual building of illegal settlements on annexed Palestinian land. So we have two countries standing up to the Zionists – a Malaysian plane taking off from Amsterdam loaded with Dutch passengers. Once again – the odds are astronomical!

3) The coup in Ukraine that ousted the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch was instigated by Zionist bankers. The man who seized power, Poroshenko, a Zionist billionaire proceeded to show that in true Zionist fashion, massacring civilians en mass was no sweat. Once in Ukrainian air-space flight MH17 was mysteriously diverted 200 miles south so that it directly flew over the war zone in East Ukraine. Now surely, two questions need to be asked here – WHY WAS THIS PLANE DIVERTED and WHO GAVE THIS ORDER?

4) Since the Zionist controlled media has never mentioned any of this at what point should one begin to smell a rat? Asking these questions is obligatory! They can’t because answering them would go a long way into ascertaining exactly what occurred. We’re talking about the fundamentals of crime fighting here. The fact protocol is being cast aside without so much as a whim, this can only be construed as an admission of guilt!

5) Of course the media’s role in this is crucial – the Zionists knew pointing the finger at Putin, the man who’d effectively put a hold on the creation of Greater Israel by helping Syria, would go a long way to villify the Russian leader in the eyes of the world. Most significantly, this act alone should provide everyone with the key to unlocking this conundrum – how in the blazes could anyone, let alone the entire corporate media blame Putin for this heinous act with the wreckage still smouldering? No investigation had taken place! Since when could newspaper journalists render air-crash investigators obsolete?

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