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VIDEO: Anti Government Filmmaker and Family Found Murdered. Who Really Killed Them?

source: http://blessings.buzz/2015/01/19/video-anti-government-filmmaker-and-family-found-dead-who-really-killed-them/


January 19, 2015 By

The creator, director and producer of the controversial movie about the encroaching police state and FEMA camps in America, David Crowley, has been found dead with his wife and young daughter over the weekend. The police are calling it a murder-suicide incident yet not ruling out anything suspicious.

The movie was currently in production and Crowley had recently received a contract of $30 million to complete the project of his dreams. While depression can have its harshest affects on people, his friends and co-workers have stated that the police story is highly unlikely.

His movie, Gray State, had a sort of cult following with nearly a million views of its trailer on YouTube

The fiction movie is about the resistance to the police state and rise of enslavement here in America. It is set in the not-so-distant future with all the aspects one has come to expect about the end of our civilization and collapse of normal society: RFID chips, suspended travel, empty store shelves, FEMA camps, complete control through martial law.

There are many apocalyptic movies which don’t address these exact topics and many fans fear David Crowley may have been far too close to the truth.

We offer prayers for the families and all involved in this horrific tragedy, no matter whose hand caused it.

Watch David Crowley at PaulFest give a speech about his movie project and the current state of our devolved culture:

“The SECOND REVOLUTION in America, may not be remembered.”- Gray State.

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