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Published on 27 Mar 2014

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OBAMA’s NEW WORLD ORDER SPEECH in Brussels “Freedom isnt Free”

NATO needs to boost its presence in eastern European countries that feel vulnerable to Russia after its annexation of Crimea, U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday.

Some defense experts have said the Crimea crisis could put NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia back on the agenda, but Obama said neither country was on a path to NATO membership and there were no immediate plans to expand the 28-member alliance.

Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region has made newer NATO members in eastern Europe, particularly in the Baltics, nervous about a newly assertive Moscow.

On a trip to Europe this week, Obama has been at pains to reassure these countries that the United States and the rest of NATO would defend them if they were ever attacked.

Speaking after a summit with EU leaders in Brussels, Obama said NATO foreign ministers meeting next week should make sure the alliance had up-to-date contingency plans to defend all allies, including those in central and eastern Europe.

NATO should also do more to ensure it puts in place “a regular NATO presence” among states that feel vulnerable to Russian pressure, Obama said.

He gave no details, but said: “I think there are ways that we can do that that can be accommodated by our existing assets.”

U.S. officials have said the Pentagon will more than double the number of U.S. fighter jets on a NATO air patrol mission in the Baltic and do more training with Poland’s air force as it strives to reassure allies alarmed by the crisis in Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticizing Russia’s “reckless and illegal military actions in Ukraine”, said he agreed with Obama’s call for “additional measures to enhance our collective defense, including updated and further developed defense plans, enhanced exercises, and appropriate deployments.”


NATO would intensify military cooperation with Ukraine and “review the viability” of its relationship with Russia, Rasmussen said.

Obama also signaled that the United States will use the Crimea crisis to step up pressure on European allies to contribute more to the cost of their own defense. U.S. officials have long complained that European countries do not spend enough on defense and rely too much on the U.S. umbrella.

Many European governments have slashed defense spending and only a handful of NATO members meet the goal of spending the equivalent of 2 percent of GDP on their armed forces.

“I have had some concerns about a diminished level of defense spending among some of our partners in NATO,” Obama said.

“That’s understandable when you have an economic crisis … but the situation in Ukraine reminds us that our freedom isn’t free and we’ve got to be willing to pay for the assets, the personnel, the training that’s required to make sure that we have a credible NATO force and an effective deterrent force. president obama freedom liberty europe allies people humanity u.s. “united states” usa america belgium “belgium chocolate” nato alliance “new world order”society human citizen citizenship european conflict war ww3 ww2 “world war 3” revolution “founding fathers” truth equal world traditional tradition government order surrender rights 2014 identity history future peace population news media prepare “we the people” “agenda nwo” army military ukraine crisis russia putin crimea eastern europe mafia bilderberg rothschild flight mh370 agenda 21 alex jones infowars gerald celente trends in the news bush clinton blair illuminati farrakhan david icke

“So one of the things that I think medium- and long-term we will have to examine is whether everybody is chipping in.”

Obama made no mention of some of the cuts in U.S. defense spending that have drawn the ire of Republican lawmakers.

The Pentagon said a month ago it would shrink the army to pre-World War Two levels, eliminate A-10 aircraft and reduce military benefits in order to meet 2015 spending caps.

U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, said Sunday Russia is using snap military exercises in preparation of a military invasion of Ukraine.

Sen. Ted Cruz believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders no longer respect President Obama because of his failure to lead.

“The only thing Putin respects is strength … At this point the Russians are openly laughing at the president,” Cruz, R-Texas, told the Washington Examiner.

Cruz added that Putin’s aggressiveness was “a direct consequence” of the absence of American leadership in the world.

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