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Asteroid p/2013 P5 grows six comet tails!

Published on 8 Nov 2013

http://www.youtube.com/thornews PLEASE do not watch this video unless you are an intelligent human being with a sense of humor. Yes. It’s true. Asteroid p2013 has been sighted with 6 comet like tails in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is a shocking first time happening that has science and astronomers confused and a little freaked out. Wow. Is this one crazy universe or what? It’s crazy enough with all the talk of Comet ISON giving Mars a coma, The Sun freaking out with its double peaked minimal solar maximum that is popping off filaments right and left along with tons of X-class and M class solar flares, now we’ve got the King of the Lazarus comets growing tails and radiating. That’s weird, dude. Plus talk of fireballs over los angeles, these are crazy days getting stranger. The Heavens sure are displaying some crazy celestial signs. Well we welcome this new addition to this galactic freakshow we call life in the Cosmos. I wonder is magnets, things that are electric or the electricity of the Milky Way has anything to do with it? Who knows? The more I learn the more I understand how much I don’t know.

Stay tuned to this epic saga!

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