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I don’t normally rant. But now is the time……

Another Main Stream Media (MSM) BS story. People don’t believe what they are saying about North Korea. While he has missiles, there is no way they have the ability to do what the media is/are telling us. It is another WMD story, just like Iraq. Remember that? There were no WMD’s it was a made up story to invade Iraq. Educate yourself. We don’t need more soldiers dying for an unnecessary war. Only 3 countries left in the world that AREN’T run by a Reserve Bank. They are Iran (A country they are trying to invade), Cuba (That country will be last, as there is nothing there they need) and last of all North Korea. This war will be a war that will end all wars. By that I mean a thermonuclear war, causing mass starvation, sickness, famine etc. It is also a war to cover the Currency Crisis in the USA. They are in the final days and need a war to produce some type of income. Research will show that anytime there is a major recession, There has been a war, and EVERY war the US have entered has been on false pretences, also known as a False Flag. So look past the lies, and see that that there is more to this story than an upset North Korea. Rant over

Be prepared people, because this is going to be big

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