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Sandy Hook hoax is falling apart

A sign hanging near a Newtown, CT cemetery asks why the needless killing of so many innocent people at Sandy Hook elementary school. Unfortunately, it seems the only real answers are going to come from the "alternative" media. The InfoWar has begun.

The dam finally burst this week as themainstream media was forced to begin addressing the many very serious unanswered questions regarding the allegedSandy Hook elementary school massacre.

Despite the fact that people questioning the official narrative has become one of the hottest media topics of the week, there’s a very real possibility the right questions may never get asked in any meaningful way, at least not publicly. But with so many openly obvious anomalies, ridiculous coincidences and projected media falsehoods surrounding the event, people are figuring out what’s actually happening on their own and hundreds of the largest media outlets around the country have had no choice but to talk about or, depending on who you talk to, attempt avoiding those circumstances to mostly avoid being seen as complicit

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