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The True Identity of Obama

Published on 13 Dec 2012

Around the same time Osama disappears, Obama is brought into the spotlight.
Now that Obama is-placed as the president, Osama is conveniently killed, with no body, no photos, nor any other documentation other than the word of US officials, and we all know they never lie.
This video should give you the common sense of why there’s no proof of Obama’s birth certificate, nor any proof Osama was killed. Why? Because Osama never really existed but was a fictitious creation of the CIA, played by the now president Obama.
Every time you hear in the media about “Osama’s family”, you hearing a lie fed to media who is controlled by the Illuminati.
They fed you Osama Bin Laden over & over, & in 08 they gave you the Obama Biden presidential ticked, making them your rulers.
There are no coincidences with the Illuminati, they calculate everything and give you subliminals to condition you

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