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Mayan calendar is decoded??????

Published on 5 Nov 2012 by 

as you can see there is a reason for choosing the date the mayans did and here it has been revealed that every three thousand years the cycle ends and begins once again, now three thousand years ago when this cycle that is coming to an end on 12/12/12 began the very first civilization was just beginning, the sumirian civilization and i am sure most of you know what the sumirians these days are most famous for, that being that they lived alongside their gods who were called the amunarki who they claim descended from the heavens and came from a planet called nibiru, could this date mark the return of the amunarki even though we are using the mayan calendar and the mayan end date something you should know about the mayans is that they themselves claimed to live alongside others that descended from the heavens, King Pacal for one and on his isophygous lid you see him depicted on some sort of rocket type vehicle, which would have been in that day too far advanced, however it is depicted on the isophygous lid. We are five weeks away from that date and i would suggest anyone interested in the beginning of this cyclic event which started three thousand yrs ago look into the history of the sumirians for any clues as to what we could be witnessing in the beginning of this next system which starts in only five weeks time, the bible has this code submerged within the biblical text as i have already pointed out in revelations that thing described as the bride descends from the heavens, izekial describes objects descending from the heavens, and said it looks like wheels within wheels, and also describes those four headed creatures which you should look at because there is sumirian tablets depicting creatures of that description, only five weeks away now guys, please leave me your feedback, i am very interested in your thoughts and how you may plan or prepare or not for this event, remember it has been three thousand yrs since the beginning of this last cyclic event.


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