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9/11: Israel’s Grand Deception – Jonathan Azaziah

Published on 4 Dec 2012 by 

If you’re not a conspiracy theorist now, you will be, after this author presents his case
He names names, their positions, their deeds and all are verifiable!
Challenges are welcome! Don’t be shy! If you have insight, bring it to the comments section and we’ll look at what you have
We are seeking the truth, something which is becoming rare in America
The truth is the poison that will remove the dictatorship, expose the conspiracies and return us to Constitutional law, freedom, prosperity and an end to wars
The truth, is what must be spread and the people are the only ones who can do it
You can no longer count on the state-controlled media for the truth
They are traitors to the people! Congress is also no help! Many of them know about the facts and they do nothing! Each has his own reason and you will never be honestly represented by the Congress of traitors!


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